Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps aka handicap access ramps are one of the top 10 home modification needs accommodated by the Minneapolis handyman.  HandyPro contractors are Certified Aging in Place Specialists who provide customized home remodeling for aging and physically challenged homeowners.  HandyPro will send their own highly trained and licensed home repair contractor to evaluate your needs and provide ADA compliant home modification so you can reside safely and independently in your own home.

Perhaps you or a family member needs to have wheelchair ramp installed; however, only for a specified period of time.  We have had customers inquire about a temporary wheelchair ramp since they will only need it for a few months while they recover from surgery or heal after an accident.  Our modular wheelchair ramps are ideal for these situations.

A modular access ramp is made of aluminum and needs very little maintenance.  This kind of wheelchair ramp will not be permanently attached to the home so it is easy to remove and relocate.  Our modular handicap ramp is ideal for people who are looking for something more permanent than a portable ramp, but requiring less maintenance than a wood ramp. 

Benefits of modular wheelchair ramps include:

  • Slip resistant surface that provides traction in all weather
  • Because it is made of aluminum it will not rust or rot
  • Easy to adjust if the ground shifts or settles
  • No need to anchor in concrete footings or pads so adjusting them is a lot easier
  • Available in standard modules that fit together to adapt to most homes
  • Unique handrail connectors for a smooth and continuous handrails  
  • Easy to modify as individual needs change
  • Can be easily resold or rented out if you no longer need the ramp

Though modular wheelchair ramps are easier to install than wooden ramps, they should only be installed a licensed professional to ensure safety.  Call 612-326-3899 to schedule a free in home evaluation!

About Us

HandyPro Handyman Services is the most often called on for senior home alteration, handicap access ramps, walk-in bathtubs, grab bars and handrails and any repairs desired to enhance home mobility and safety issues. Elderly people and physical challenged property owners rely on HandyPro to provide tailored strategies to increase accessibility and mobility in the kitchen and bath with product and services including cabinet and counter height adjustment together with solid surface floors all through the house.